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We are entrepreneurs

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand clearly the pains of disorganized books

Our Company

Preciseby is was proudly South African product developed with you and your business in mind.

The Team

Preciseby was uniquely designed and developed by a team of developers working between India and South Africa. Their core focus is simplicity and ease of use.

Our Focus

We aim to provide you with exceptional and tailor-made service. It does not end there. We seek to listen to your needs as well, respond timeously and offer you great service at reasonable prices.

For Entrepreneurs by Entreprenuers

With an upsurge of online transactions brought about by the mounting digitalization, all you need is a right tool to take care of your accounting needs. That tool is preciseby. Whether you own a small business or multiple businesses, preciseby is the best choice for you.


Now, you may create custom, professional invoices, sales receipts and quotes. Also, you can send invoices, track the amount and the person paying you. Stay in know about when to expect some payment. What’s more fascinating, is that you can send reminders to customers on payments.


Calculate, track and pay your bills in good time to know the payments due to your vendors so as to pay on time. Other than that, get a clear rundown of accounts payable and cashflow. You can access you bills online on any connected device, and schedule payments in advance.


As you may know, you can create reports that show the financial position of the company. That means, you can view current reports, decide the data that goes into a report, compare and calculate, real against budgeted amounts. The software produces precise accounting reports. What you can do as well is to track your finances and touch base with your advisor in real-time, online.


Create lasting impressions by making professional online quotes that you can easily convert to PDFs or invoices in just a click. You also send the estimates instantly from your mobile device or the office desktop computer.


You can stay well organized by uploading your receipts to this platform. Here you are able to capture photos of receipts, speedily approve claims, and monitor how your employees spend money. What you will gain is always knowing how your money is spent.


We offer elegant and efficient services to offer you enough foresight, care and planning, tailored to turn your business into a monument of success.

Customer Portal

Now, you can view and track your invoices, estimates and payments with just a click of the button. Another truly exciting feature is that you can effortlessly pay your invoices online.

Customer Management

This platform has an impressive built-in customer management system. You may now easily perform tasks such as recording invoices, and paying various online bills and transactions.

Products and services

Make boss moves by simply managing all your products and or services with this platform. It's important to understand that you can use your products while creating an invoice.

One Central Dashboard

You can also get an overview of your clients, estimates, invoices as well as a detailed chart for your expenses. An incredible thing about this platform is that you can view up-to-date invoices and estimates.


BASIC (Annual)

R115.00 / year

  • 10 Customers
  • 10 Products
  • 10 Invoices per month
  • 10 Estimates per month
  • Custom Reports
  • Advertisement On Mails
  • 14 Day free trial


R145.00 / year

  • 24 Customers
  • 50 Products
  • 50 Invoices per month
  • 50 Estimates per month
  • Custom Reports
  • Advertisement On Mails
  • 14 Day free trial

PREMIUM (Annual)

R165.00 / year

  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Invoices per month
  • Unlimited Estimates per month
  • Custom Reports
  • Advertisement On Mails
  • 14 Day free trial

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